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Related projects

Here are other projects that are similar to django-pattern-library, and may be relevant if you’re looking to go further, or wanting to try out alternatives:

  • storybook-django – attempting to bridge the gap between React and Django, by bringing django-pattern-library patterns into Storybook stories.
  • django-reusable-components – Reusable UI components for Django, going further than template partials.


  • Storybook, and in particular Storybook for Server – Storybook integration with server-rendered UI components.
  • Pattern Lab – PHP or Node pattern library, from which this project is heavily inspired.
  • Astrum – Similar to Pattern Lab, Node based.
  • rikki-patterns – Experimental Django-friendly pattern library generator, for Jinja2 and Nunjucks templates

Pattern libraries based on Django

Here are open-source projects that maintain pattern libraries for Django.

With django-pattern-library:

Without django-pattern-library:

Last update: 2020-10-30